2019 Fishing Reports

December 18th NW PA Fishing Report

It’s just mid-December and winter is here in full force already. Hardwater fanatics are anticipating early ice. They could be right. Right now, Steelhead are the main game in town and there are many fish in the Erie tributaries. Allegheny River and French Creek spitting out walleye and northern pike. Most boats are winterized and skim ice increases daily on inland lakes. Looks like the options for January and February are going to be either Ice Fish or Go South.

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November 27th NW PA Fishing Report

Water and air temperatures continue to drop in NW PA. While hunting is on the minds of some as we approach Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the hardcore anglers are still looking to the water rather than the woods. Strong bites in the region for several species. Check out the Report for angling guidance if planning a Thanksgiving fishing trip.

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November 7th NW PA Fishing Report

If you are willing to put up with some moderately cold temperatures and maybe a bit of wind, then you want to keep on fishing! Now is some of the best fishing of the year as water temperatures drop out of the 50s and into the 40s. Just about every species if biting, although high water in the Allegheny and area flood control lakes may hamper your fishing. Check out the Report to uncover which waters are producing right now.

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October 24th NW PA Fishing Report

NW PA is in the midst of the Fall Frenzy! Get out and fish! Steelheads are in the streams, the Allegheny River is on fire with Smallmouth and Walleye, Shenango Lake is spitting out huge White Crappies, and Hybrid Stripers are expected to kick on any day now. Soon the Pymatuning fall Walleye bite will be in play. Big bass are being caught in several area lakes. GO FISH!

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