2019 Fishing Reports

July 10th NW PA Fishing Report

Middle of summer means some major shifts in where to fish and what you might expect to catch. The walleye bite on Erie is insane and limit catches are expected to continue when weather allows anglers to get out. Largemouth bass fishing on inland lakes is hot. Catfish are a significant part of many angler’s catch during this time. Bluegill fishing is great if you pick the right lake. And with all the rain and high water of May and June, stream trout fishing is still in the picture. Check the Fishing Report for details.

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June 26th NW PA Fishing Report

When will the monsoon season in western Pennsylvania come to an end? Storm after storm has disrupted spring fishing since mid-May. And the rain and thunderstorms keep coming. Still there’s some impressive catches being made by anglers during the few days that the wind and rain have been at bay. Check out this issue of the NW PA Fishing Report for where and what anglers have been catching, and don’t forget to look at the Fishing Forecast page to help you plan for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday week.

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June 12th NW PA Fishing Report

Fishing and fish catching are both in high gear during June in NW PA. Water temps are such that every species is currently active – no matter what you like to fish for. Our over abundant rainfall has created a few minor problems with lake levels and river flows – but we are not in flood stage. So, if you’ve been sitting on the couch all spring, it’s time to GO FISH!

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