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Black Knight Industries
          Oil City, PA 16301
                                                     Happy Halloween from a satisfied
                                                                                   Gamma Line user.

          You can find GAMMA LINE locally at the following tackle shops:
            Abe’s General Store - Rt. 62, North of Oil City in President Township
            Consumer Direct Sports (CDS) – Grove City Outlet Mall, PA
            Griffins Bait & Tackle – Cooperstown, PA
            Maurer’s Trading Post – Franklin, PA

            Robinson’s Bait & Tackle – Linesville, PA

          PRIZE WINNERS (To claim your prize, you must email Darl Black your shipping address)
            Cover shot winner of pack of 412 Bait Company soft plastic to Randy at Fish West PA
            Name drawn for spool of Gamma Line is Julie Como
            Name drawn for lure prize pack is Gene Winger

        Gamma Tip From: Pete Cartwright: During late October we can experience either

        great smallmouth fishing or at least above average compared to other times of the year. But
        river fishing can be very frustrating at this time of year because leaves and uprooted aquatic
                                   vegetation will be flowing down river throughout the water column. I
                                   like to use bottom bouncing soft plastics like the 412 Small Jaw Craw
                                   rigged on a skirted 1/8 ounce football head. This combo sends out vi-
                                   bration in the water to help bass find it. Other options are grubs and

                                   tubes, with both baits available from 412 Bait Company. Bottom baits
                                   are great when the bite is tough; try to keep the bait bouncing along
                                   the bottom with the current. My set-up is a 7’1” G. Loomis E6X rod and
                                   Shimano Stradic c14 2500 reel spooled with 8-pound Gamma Edge.
          Pete Cartwright photo
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