Page 3 - Fishing Report | 10-24-18
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Russ @ Gateway Tackle; filed 10/22: It’s been a slow week. Customers reported catching a few
         walleyes off the causeway on blades. Muskies remain active; one customer brought one to the
         shop the other day – 43 inches long and weighed 33 pounds. Not hearing anything on crap-
         pies. Catfish are making big waves in the lake with the recent tournaments hosted by NW
         Catfish Addicts. Catfishing makes for great late summer opportunities, and if we can draw
         more anglers to the lake at that time of year, I say go for it. All the reports are about channel
         catfish, but some years back when I was much younger, I recall anglers catching some big flat-

         heads from the lake. Every once in a while someone still catches a big flathead.

         Sam @ Robinson’s Bait: Our own Mark Upton put Dave Lefebre on a 14
         -pound channel cat at witching hour on October 15. Lefebre had been
         in Linesville at the haunted hotel taping his Erie Extreme TV show until
         late and decided he needed to catch a big night prowling fish to make

         the show complete. (See photo at right)

         Patty @ Poff’s Place; filed 10/22: A few anglers have been pulling in an
         occasional walleye or two on blades. Blade bite not strong yet – need
         water temp to drop more. However, musky fishing at the Lake has been
         very good this season and it continues into the fall.                             ErieExtreme’s Lefebre with
                                                                                           14 pound channel cat
         Conneaut Lake
         Dale Clemmer (Cochranton): Dale continues to catch a variety of fish including largemouth

         bass from Conneaut. He also fishes Conneaut Outflow Marsh near overhead dams where he
         catches bowfin and northern pike. (See photos below)

           Conneaut Lake LMB                     Marsh bowfin
                                                                                   Marsh pike
         ERIE COUNTY

         Presque Isle Bay

         Dominic @ Lake Erie Bait and Tackle; filed 10/22: Presque Isle Bay fishing has been kind of
         slow the past week due in part to windy weather. Our customers have reported catching a few
         crappies and perch off the piers and in Marina Lake, and some steelhead have been caught as
         well. Main lake has been too rough to get out.
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