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        Published by Blackwolfe Communications LLC                              Issue:  October 24, 2018

         The NW PA Fishing Report is brought to you by:

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         The two “s” in Halloween?
                                                                The Landing Net by Darl Black
                                                                It’s late October, and cooler water tempera-

                                      Late October and          tures have finally arrived. Wasn’t much of a
                                      early November is         gradual transition as temps dropped almost
                                      the perfect time for      overnight following a handful of chilly days.

                                      Steelhead and             But with shortened daylight and water temps
                                      Smallmouth.               in the mid to lower 50s, it’s game on for some
                                                                species. Steelheads have moved into the Erie
                                                                tributaries and there will be more running in-

                                                                to streams with each new high water event.
                                                                Smallmouth bass have been on a feeding
                                                                frenzy in flowing water this past week, and
                                                                we can only hope the bite continues for a
         “Steelhead Trout”
                                                                while. Meanwhile white bass and crappies
                                                                bites are reported strong at Shenango, crap-
                                                                pies are missing in action at Pymatuning. And

                                                                anglers on all inland lakes are waiting for
         Go Fish!                                               walleye to turn on. Let’s hope the really cold
                                                                weather and snow holds off until at least
                                                                after Thanksgiving. Now get out and Go Fish!
                                      “Smalllmouth Bass”
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