Crappie Tested: Mo’ Glo Slab Jam

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By Darl Black

Last year Bobby Garland Crappie Baits ( brought out Mo’ Glo Slab Jam scent to complement their line-up of soft plastic baits. Slab Jam is reported to be an all-natural amino-acid base minnow scent gel formulated especially for crappie. I rarely use live bait for crappies nor do I tip my jigs with live bait – except in certain circumstances. However, I do favor adding scent to my soft plastic jig bodies, and Slab Jam is an extremely handy and effective scent to use. The bottle is small enough to stick into a compartment of a utility case. I’ve had no problem with the Slab Jam container leaking as some scent products do. It is a thick gel that adheres nicely to plastic, especially those with scent cavities. While I have not had time to run side by side comparison tests with other scent products, I have noticed a higher bite percentage when using Slab Jam than when not using it. Be sure to give it a try this spring.

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