The Crawling Tube

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By Darl Black

Get Bit Baits ( of Wisconsin makes a variety of different tubes, worms and grubs specifically for smallmouth bass fishing. I very much like their Finesse Tubes for general river fishing. But their unique Crawling Tube is a somewhat different creature. Each tube has strands of silicone inserted through the length of the body, creating a tube that looks very much alive even when sitting still due to the relentless quivering of the strands. Get Bit Baits owner Dan Elsner created the Crawling Tube for bedding smallmouth. Personally, I believe smallmouth bass should be left alone when on beds, but that doesn’t mean the Crawling Tube cannot be used at other times. I find it particularly deadly for ice-out smallmouth on our area rivers. Shaking the rod tip lightly with the tube resting on the bottom causes the multiple inserted strands to dance. Dragging or slowly swimming it just off the bottom results in a pulsating appearance to the tube. The Crawling Tube is available in a 2-3/4 and 4 inch models; both produce at ice out. However, be prepared to pay extra for this tube due to the amount of hand labor that goes into each lure.

Go Fish!